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Top 5 Composite doors Styles

Top 5 Front Door Styles

The front door is often the first impression or at least a big part of that first impression. The right front door gives off the impression of a well-tended, stylish and secure home. To get this, you need to find a door that is durable and easy-to-clean or low in maintenance, so that it will remain looking good without too much effort. It will need to be in a style that suits the rest of the home, as well as looking good in itself. Lastly, it needs to be made from strong materials so that it doesn't appear flimsy or easily weakened.

Composite Door Style #1 - 2-Panel-2-Glazed-Composite-Doors

The 2-Panel-2-Glazed-Composite-Door is probably one of the most popular composite doors due to its simple design, which allows it to fit unobtrusively in many different styles of home. The design can be personalised by choosing different colours or different glass designs to fit in the two rectangular windows.

Composite Door Style #2 - 4-Panel-1-Half-Composite-Doors

The 4-Panel-1-Half-Composite-Door is a very smart design, with a range of glass options. Many people opt just to have a one glass in the front door - which is an arch or a wheel window at the top. Allowing light in without anyone being able to see in. Others opt for the 3 glass (2-Panel-3-Glazed-Half-composite-doors) - which has two rectangular windows and an arch at the top.

Composite Door Style #3 - 2-Panel-2-Glazed-Eyebrow-Composite-Doors

The 2-Panel-2-Glazed-Eyebrow-Composite-Door composite door has two arched windows, giving it a softer look than the Style #1 above.

Composite Door Style #4 - 2-Panel-Half-Glazed-composite-doors

The 2-Panel-Half-Glazed-composite-door has a large apeture of glass, due to this it is a very popular door choice for back doors

Composite Door Style #5 - 4-Rectangle-composite-doors

The 4-Rectangle-composite-door is getting more and more popular because of its modern look, the 4 Rectangles allow light in the property but still giving enough privacy, There are also a good selection of glass design to suit everybody

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