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Pastel Violet
Special RAL Sprayed door, This Pastel Violet coloured door sets it apart from others in the street, 3 Diamond glazed units down the middle and the long Stainless Steel handle, Fitted with the AV2 Locking systems so the door automatically throws the hooks as the door is shut
Beautiful Rosewood door
Lovely picture sent in by a very happy customer, Rosewood door and frame sets this house off, Great picture,

Open Out Front door
White front door that opens outwards to save roon inside the porch, 4 rectangular glass units down the middle with a glazed side light on the right, Fab & fix furniture
Matching Front and Back Doors
These matching front doors are in Chartwell green, Satin Glass and Fab & Fix handles 
Blue Front Door, Triple glazed glass
Blue 2 Panel 2 Glazed compsote door, Glazed with Kara Grey Glass, This is a triple glazed glass unit, The door has been fitted with a VBH Ponytails door knocker and Fab & Fix Handles and Letterbox
Rosewood Door, Bar Handle
Modern Design Rosewood / Brown Door with bar handle, AV2 Locking system,