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Why choose a bi-fold door from DNK?

• Door fully assembled for easy installation
• Thermally broken top and bottom aluminium tracks improve
thermal efficiency and reduce condensation
• Utilises Sigenia gearing
• Available in a range of finishes with either white or brown tracks
• Lower thresholds for ease of access as there is no need for
bulky add-ons
• Sealing weather strips conceal unsightly gasket lines
to complete the professional look of the door
• Rigid aluminium tracks increase structural strength meaning the
door is easier to transport and prevents excessive flex to ensure
that the doors run smoothly, even on long spans with multiple
door configurations.

Available in the following colour options:

The above colours are designed as a guide to the Artisan Woodgrain Collection.
Before making your final decision, please ensure you have seen a foil swatch.
Cherrywood on White
Golden Oak
Golden Oak on White
Mahogany on White

Diagram Code Maximum width Diagram Code Maximum width

220 1.8m
321 2.7m
330 2.7m
431 3.6m
440 3.6m
532 4.5m
541 4.5m
550 4.5m
633 5.4m
651 5.4m
660 5.4m
Simply select your door height, width, hardware choice, sill, finish and configuration and your door will be delivered to you ready for installation.

Installation Support

We will help you every step of the way and have produced a detailed installation guide - this will accompany your delivery.
How the configurations work,
1st Number = Total number of Door Leaves
2nd Number = Number of door leaves opening Left
3rd Number = Number of door leaves opening Right

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