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Composite Fire Door FD30 FD30s

Composite Fire Door (FD30, FD30S)

The FD30 Fire door has been developed and independently tested to exacting standards in accordance with the global fire resistance assessment.

The 30 minute panelled and glazed fire resisting doorsets feature the same stylish aesthetics as our classic composite door and are available in a range of colours and styles that are practically indistinguishable from this stunning range . Our grained fibre glass doors combine the low maintenance appeal of a composite door with the aesthetic appeal of high end quality timber doors. As such, the FD30 firedoor is ideal for use, without compromise, in all situations including communal entrances, multiple entrance dwellings and flats as well as new build and domestic applications where Building Regulations stipulate the need for a fully approved FD30 fire doorset.

All our doorsets feature a 44mm GRP faced fire resisting door leaf supplied pre hung in a PVC-U outerframe that incorporates a doorframe design uniquely constructed by Hurst so as not to detract from the aesthetics but still conforming to the stringent performance requirements of an FD30 firedoor. The doorset is available in a variety of door colours and styles together with several glazing options.

Composite FD30S Fire Door with Cold Smoke Seal

The FD30S is almost identical to our standard FD30 fire door but we add additional cold smoke seals to mitigate against the spread of smoke for a minimum of 30 minutes.

We add an intumescent seal around the door which expands under heat and another in the Eurocell frame which helps to create a seal between the door, frame and the wall. We also fit a fire rated double glazied unit (Pyroshield Textured, Pyroshield Safety and Pyrodur glass options available) to doors that require one. Each door is fitted as standard with a Winkhaus Pyrolock for high security locking and a Dorma door closer (Closer sent loose)

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Composite Fire Door FD30 FD30s FD30sbd