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Vega 2000 Door Canopy

£420 (£350 Ex. VAT)

Vega 2000 Door Canopy - 703399

The Vega 2000 perfectly integrates with your home design and outdoor environment and gives it an impressive look. It will protect your doorways, entrance areas, store fronts, and facades from the harsh elements. The Vega 2000 was designed to allow substantial coverage and flexibility in setting the roofing slope and the poles distance from the wall and from each other; adds value to your home or property and creates an Eco-friendly extension. It features high impact crystal-clear acrylic roof panels, which are 100% UV resistant, and a corrosion free powder coated aluminum frame with galvanized steel connectors. This easy DIY assembly includes all installation hardware. The Vega 2000’s functionality and modern design make it a practical fit for any home and business environment.

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Roofing panel

• High impact, 3 mm crystal-clear Acrylic panels, naturally immune to the harmful UV rays
• Ready to assemble pre-cut panel
• Easy DIY assembly – smart and fast locking assembly system, no special tools required
• No need to drill through the panels[Tulips]Frame Material

• Strong, durable and rust-resistant aluminum frame
• Laser cut, powder coated galvanized steel support arms (RAL 7012)
• Ready to assemble pre-drilled profiles[Tulips]Adjustable and flexible fixing method

• The Vega 2000 is a high performance structure, with flexible positioning poles enabling you to set your required height at the wall connection, the distance from the house and between the poles at the front.
• Wall mounting plate is adjustable to meet your desired height between 252.5-261 cm (99.4 in. – 102.7 in.); allowing a flexible positioning of the roof slope enabling snow and rain to slide off.
• Adjustable poles allow for ideal positioning: left to right 5-30 cm (2 in. – 12 in.) and front to back 158-183.7 cm (62.2 in. – 72.3 in.)[Tulips]Gutter

• Front Aluminum gutter directs rainwater sideways
Instructions Download Downlaod Instructions

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