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Rome Glazed

£151.20 (£126 Ex. VAT)
Choice from Clear Glass or an Obscure glass from the Pilkington Texture Range
Dimensions : Max width 780 mm Min width 286mm, Max height 1925mm Min height 1586mm, All panels comply with BS5750, To fit 24mm and 28mm profiles, Price includes Delivery We can match the colour and profile shade. If you know the Profile or the 'C' number please add this in the comments box when ordering
The Door Panels are Manufactured using advanced technology that bonds two PVC-U skins to a variety of core materials ensuring the integrity of the Panel for heat and moisture.
Review by: Anonymous
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2021

Amazing transformation

We wanted to change our door panel for something more modern. We chose the frosted glass. Were are so pleased with the new look and the amount of light that comes through even with frosted glass. Also very impressed with the customer service after a slight hiccup. They couldn't help us enough in resolving the issue. Would recommend this company to anybody and will definitely be using again
Review by: Anonymous
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 2020

fantastic new look

we really needed to update out front door as we hated the panel that was there. Picked this one. After measuring the existing panel ordering was a breeze (please order the mdf reinforcing for your panel or all you will have to keep anyone out is 2 thin sheets or UPVC the skim of the door and the polystyrene filler). I had ordered the right tools to remove the beads from the door with no damage. Total time to change the door panel about 20 minutes. Please use a soft rubber mallet to put the beads back in. And i highly recommend a product called Barkeepers Friend to get any marks off of the door or beads from the mallet with out doing any damage.
Review by: Anonymous
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2020

fantastic update

We have always hated the insert panel in our UPVC front door. We picked this as it was more to our taste. We like things to look more modern and not cluttered with detail that does nothing to enhance the appearance. We received the panel very quickly and we cannot fault the delivery time. We fitted the panel a couple of days later and we are surprised how much more light we get in our hallway. Cannot believe that we waited so long to replace the panel and we are so glad we did. If you feel your door is dated have a look at how easy it is to replace (sure there are loads of videos on youtube) just make sure you have the right tools to hand