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White UAP Window and Door Safety Restrictor Cable

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£7.14 (£5.95 Ex. VAT)
The Max6mum Restrictor is suitable for use on all kinds of windows and doors including uPVC, aluminium, wooden and metal profiles. The restrictor consists of a zinc alloy body, a nickel plated pin and a steel wire rope which is 20cm long and can endure up to 550kg of force.
The restrictor is very easy to install and comes with four steel screws for fitting. In order to complement the window frame.
A key is also provided so that the restrictor can be locked as required and also so the window can be fully opened when necessary. This means that the restrictor can be used on fire escape windows providing the key is kept in the lock
Baby and Child

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) an estimated 4000 children under the age of 15 are injured by falling out of windows each year. In order to prevent this from happening RoSPA recommend that there should be a means of limiting the opening of any window where the sill level is more than three metres above external ground level.
The Window Restrictor can be fitted to any window in minutes; it has a 20cm long cable to restrict the opening of the window and the whole device can withstand forces over 100kg. This means the householder can have their window open without the worry of their children falling out. Its has been independently tested the Window Restrictor to EN 16281:2013 to test the strength, it exceeds the strength requirements,
withstanding a minimum force of 1350N. A cord cutting test was also carried out to 3600N, which the restrictor
passed. The MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Restrictor is suitable for uPVC, Wooden, Composite and Aluminium Doors